Hiszako Indie Production & Service Nonprofit Ltd

Plans 2023

Looking for Partners & Funds for the following goals

"Greening" Human Rights protection and local actions for environmental & climate justice


We would like to help enforce the rights of Roma women and Roma youth from the point of view of environmental justice and health. We want to "green" the legal protection and the fight for the equality of Roma communities.  According to our plans, we will conduct action research by organizing Social LAB at the community, neighborhood level and based on this we will support advocacy actions towards decision-makers (at the local level).

It remains to be determined what characteristics and conditions can make Roma or low-income communities environmentally sustainable and how local societies can be made inclusive. Efforts towards sustainable development, in addition to environmental protection goals, do not pay enough attention to approaches that also support equality. There is no uniform definition of sustainable development, its definition is variable. We mainly want to direct their efforts related to housing, transport and spatial planning, water use methods and tools in more environmentally conscious and sustainable directions.

Sustainable development for promoting equality


We would like to demonstrate that sustainable housing and green architecture are also sustainable for low-income households and residential communities with few opportunities. We are looking to collaborate with green architects and urban planners to utilize some practices in low-income communities, to find ways to become more resilient.

We believe that sustainable design has cultural aspects.  There is planning, structure and practice in the use of resources, materials, techniques and habits that suit people with limited resources. We would initiate neighborhood planning practices that can help mitigate some of the effects of environmental injustices in an inclusive way, for example by reducing the amount of waste not only in their own neighborhood, but throughout the settlement.


Legal & peaceful tools to combat hatred

We want to organize a more decisive action against the hatred directed at the Roma communities. We monitor the public discourse, we respond to the anti-Roma expressions of public figures and political actors with legal means. We use peaceful means against extreme and inciting manifestations.


Art & Culture

Creative Critics

& power of constructing

We are starting to facilitate the creation of media content, also social media content that can also be used as educational tools. As a producer we want to help roma artists and those groups active in the Roma cultural field to promote their public performances and their expressions on social issues.

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